I lead Young Life College with Joell. Her magnetic personality invites students into an engaging environment where they can encounter the Lord. Joell’s vibrant smile and welcoming presence make it easy to label her as a “fun” person, but like all Enneagram 7s, there’s depth to explore below the bubbly surface.

What is it like being a 7?
Being a 7 is super fun and energetic. Even when I don’t have energy, I find a way to have it—whether it be through people, coffee, or trying something new. It keeps life interesting.


What do you think most people fail to see about being a 7? What’s hard about it?
People don’t seem to ask 7s (myself included) how we’re really doing or feeling. We put on a front that everything is great, but when we’re healthy, we slow down and assess how we actually are. If we’re too “happy-go-lucky,” we’re probably masking something. For example, if we have a bad day, we mask it with more fun. Asking a 7 how they’re actually doing invites them into deeper authenticity and vulnerability.


What’s something you love about your number?
Optimism is something I really love about my type. Growing up, I always felt that I was “too optimistic” or “not realistic enough.” But now, I love that I always find the silver lining.


What’s something you don’t love about your number?
Relationships. I feel like 7s can have really great relationships. However, everyone feels like I’m really good friends with them because I have so much energy, when I actually have a small circle of trust.
Another challenge with relationships as a 7 is that while other people don’t really have an effect on my type, my spontaneous choices affect others without me even realizing it in the moment. Being present in relationships is hard.


When you discovered the Enneagram and your number, were you surprised that not everyone felt that way?
When I read the description, I knew I was a 7. I was was always the person who wouldn’t let the party end. I love new adventures, and I bring other people along with me. I wasn’t surprised that other people weren’t this way.


7s are known for their love of adventure and chasing the next thing—what helps you stay grounded?
I’m not entirely sure. Journaling helps me reflect on my day and sets me up for the next. Seeking out wise relationships with grounded people also helps me stay grounded. I think more 7s should seek out others for help and advice before making “hasty 7 choices.”


How does being a 7 affect your relationships with God?
I don’t know. Sometimes, I feel like I’m wandering—I don’t finish things, I go on new adventures, and I wander. With knowledge of the Enneagram and my relationship with Jesus though, I feel that I can embrace my identity as a 7 and enjoy the present moment. Staying grounded in Jesus helps me to let go, be grateful for what He’s given me, and not have such an impulsive need to jump to the next thing.


When are you at your best/healthiest as a 7?
I am at my best and healthiest when I find contentment in what I am doing and have already been given, rather than constantly chasing “the next shiny thing.”


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