I’ve long been attracted to the story of Joseph, to the story of a man whom God favored and used (and yet, a man who endured much hardship).

I so quickly assume God’s forgotten about me or doesn’t care about the pain I’m experiencing. The story of Joseph fiercely combats this lie.

Joseph was abandoned by his family, sold as a slave to a foreign land, falsely accused of criminal actions, and imprisoned for years. These weren’t the consequences of his poor behavior, but merely the necessary vehicles to leverage him in a position where he could save his family and preserve the nation of Israel, God’s promised people.

Even when Joseph felt forgotten, abandoned by God and by people, God’s perfect timing did not fail.

It wasn’t that God had forgotten him or lacked compassion by making Joseph wait. Rather, out of His mercy for Joseph’s family and faithfulness to keep His promise to Abraham, did God orchestrate such circumstances.


I’ve never been enslaved or imprisoned, but I can imagine Joseph’s pain—the pain of feeling alone and insignificant. The pain of not knowing when, if ever, circumstances will change.

Joseph had no way of knowing that he’d eventually be released from prison, appointed as Pharaoh’s second-in-command, and save the nation of Israel. In his human understanding, he could not have thought out a plan to redeem his circumstances. Rather, Joseph faced an opportunity to wait patiently for the Lord’s deliverance.

I’m also faced with an opportunity to wait patiently. I have no way of knowing how the Lord will redeem my current pain. I don’t have a plan for how my brokenness can bring Him glory and point people back to Him.

But I can trust—trust that He has not forgotten me, trust that He has never stopped loving or caring for me, trust that He is faithful to redeem even the messiest situations, and trust that He will use what I’m walking through to bring glory to His name.

We don’t choose what God asks us to do, but we do choose our response. Even as I wait for God to move, I pray my heart responds in patience.

My prayer is that instead of feeling abandoned, I will have faith to trust He’s moving in ways I do not see or understand right now. Rather than feeling stuck in my pain, I will choose to believe that He is merciful, using my most painful moments and greatest obstacles to bring Him glory. Rather than focusing on what I want Him to change right now, I will sit and wait patiently. Because His timing is perfect.

Lord, I trust you. Help me to wait patiently, like Joseph, because I know You are moving.